Adler Grier presents  “casual chic” creations, infusing vibrant colors and metals in an original design reminiscent of the bold style from the 1940s and ‘50s.

Each unique, handcrafted Adler Grier piece displays a playful juxtaposition of color, material and texture to create a distinctive elegance.
As a longtime needlework enthusiast, Tory developed a keen sense of design, detail and precision, which is reflected in every piece she creates. What began has a hobby, has blossomed into her exciting new venture.

Katie was a specialist in the jewelry department at Christie’s Auction House.  After having contributed so much to Adler Grier, Katie has left Adler Grier to start her own business in Cold Spring, New York.  

Tory continues to give back by participating in charity events in support of various causes. And, as a special thanks to those who offer to host trunk shows, Adler Grier is now able to donate 10% of trunk show profits to the host's favorite charity.  Over the years Adler Grier has supported many organizations some of which can be found here >>​